Put the Finishing Touches on Your Project With StoneCraft Stone Veneer Accessories

Wainscot Sill

20″w × 3″h × 1.5″d

For windows or transitions to stucco, vinyl or other various cladding, wainscot sills are a fine finishing touch. The sills’ 20″ width provides strong, clean lines.

Rock Face Sill

19.75″w × 3″d × 2″h (face) to 2.5″h (back)

Rock Face Sills create the perfect horizontal transition between a stone installation and other siding materials. The Wainscot Sill projects past the stone veneer installation to divert rainwater.


8″-5.5″w x 10″h x 1.5″d

The classic look of a keystone is the perfect bridge between your stone style and your windows. Combine with our trim stones in same or different color for standout window and door appeal.


6″w × 8″h × 2″d

The uniform size and rich texture of our trim stones afford picturesque transitions around windows, doors and other features. Combine with trim stones of same or different color for standout window and door appeal.

Pier Caps

26″w × 26″l × 2.5″–5.5″h

The perfect enhancement for eye-catching monumental applications, Pier Caps measure 26″ × 26″. Available in several versatile colors, these caps deliver solid, powerful appeal for entrance columns, fences or signs.

Peaked Wall Caps

20″l × 12″w × 2.375″–3.5″h

20″l × 16″w × 2″–3.5″h

Add a sophisticated finishing touch for wall applications with Peaked Wall Caps. At 20″ in length, the caps are available in 12″ or 16″ widths to distinguish privacy walls or thicker wall applications with bold dimension.

Flagstone Wall Caps

37″l × 9″w × 2.25″h

37″l × 12″w × 2.25″h

Flagstone Wall Caps add a crisp, natural detail to your stone walls. With a 37″ length and available widths of 9″ or 12″, they complement garden, patio and water feature applications with a touch of refinement.


19″w × 20″l × 1.5″h

For the coziest and most ruggedly elegant fireplaces, Hearthstones bring a handsome, inviting feel with rustic texture and vibrancy. Available in several versatile colors.

Light Box

8″w × 11″h × 1.5″d

For cleanly-finished facades and exteriors, our light boxes deliver a stone-friendly mounting platform for consistent beauty. Use StoneCraft receptacle boxes for other exterior needs.

Receptacle Box

7″w × 8″h × 1.5″d

For refined exteriors, our receptacle boxes provide the perfect mounting platform with a smooth transition from your exterior stone. Use StoneCraft light boxes for other exterior needs.