Put the Finishing Touches on Your Project With StoneCraft Stone Veneer Accessories

Wainscot Sill

20″w × 3″h × 1.5″d

For windows or transitions to stucco, vinyl or other various cladding, wainscot sills are a fine finishing touch. The sills’ 20″ width provides strong, clean lines.

Rock Face Sill

19.75″w × 3″d × 2″h (face) to 2.5″h (back)

Rock Face Sills create the perfect horizontal transition between a stone installation and other siding materials. The Wainscot Sill projects past the stone veneer installation to divert rainwater.


19″w × 20″l × 1.5″h

For the coziest and most ruggedly elegant fireplaces, Hearthstones bring a handsome, inviting feel with rustic texture and vibrancy. Available in several versatile colors.

Receptacle Box

7″w × 8″h × 1.5″d

For refined exteriors, our receptacle boxes provide the perfect mounting platform with a smooth transition from your exterior stone. Use StoneCraft light boxes for other exterior needs.