StoneCraft Frequently Asked Questions

Who is StoneCraft Industries? StoneCraft has manufactured quality stone veneer in the U.S. for over 37 years. We honor the masonry traditions of the past and promise to deliver quality and affordability with every stone we make.

What is the difference between StoneCraft and natural stone? StoneCraft is a manufactured stone veneer, cast from molds of real stone. StoneCraft is lightweight and designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces. Natural stone may require wall ties and footings, which, in turn, can increase installation cost and difficulty.

What is the difference in the installed cost of natural stone vs. StoneCraft? StoneCraft is approximately one-half to one-third the installed cost of natural stone. Its lightweight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. StoneCraft has approximately 2% waste factor versus over 10% for natural stone.

Is a mason needed to install StoneCraft? In general, installation of StoneCraft can be accomplished by almost anyone. However, thoroughly understanding the correct process for installation is critical to a successful stone installation. Follow the MVMA installation guidelines available at on this website.

Where can I find knowledgeable masons? Your local StoneCraft distributor can recommend local masons that are familiar with StoneCraft products and installation. Visit the Where To Buy section to search for locations by your postal code.

Where can StoneCraft be installed? There are a number of places StoneCraft is ideal for use, including the façade of homes, commercial buildings, outdoor fireplaces, BBQ pits, interior fireplaces/hearths, kitchens, etc. NOTE: StoneCraft is designed for vertical applications only and should not be used on walkways, driveways, etc

Can StoneCraft be used near water? It is not recommended for use below the water line in a pool, fountain or below grade. If the stone is being installed in an area where frequent water run-off may occur, it is recommended that you use either a silane or siloxane based sealer to protect the stone. Note: When using a sealer, always test a small area beforehand to ensure final results are aesthetically acceptable.

Do you need specialty tools to install StoneCraft? No, StoneCraft can be installed with basic tools such as a brick hammer, masonry trowel, wide mouth nippers, etc. For a complete list of the required tools please refer to the MVMA Installation Guide on the StoneCraft website. Other items, such as mortar mix and metal lath can be purchased at most building supply centers, hardware stores, lumber yards and home improvement stores.

How does StoneCraft withstand freeze / thaw cycles? StoneCraft products are tested for freeze/thaw durability. As with any installation, making sure to incorporate good building practices that include proper flashing and water diversion techniques will help ensure a successful installation.

Will StoneCraft fade? The base color is blended throughout and permanent mineral oxide pigments are applied and absorbed when the veneer is cast. Color becomes an integral part of the veneer and, similar to natural stone, there are minimal noticeable color changes after years of weathering.

What about repetition in stone profile or installation? StoneCraft is cast from hundreds of molds. It can span an average of 100 square feet of non-repeating textures for a majority of stone profiles. In addition, because our color is hand applied, no two stones are exactly the same. For the best profile and color mix we recommend laying the stone out prior to installation so that the color and size ratio can be adjusted during installation.

Can you seal StoneCraft products? Yes, but it is not required. If you use a sealant on the StoneCraft product, always follow the instructions provided by the sealant manufacturer. Use either a silane or siloxane based sealant only.

Is StoneCraft combustible? No, StoneCraft’s listing by Underwriters Laboratories shows zero fuel contributed and zero smoke developed. It can be installed as a façade to fireplaces and behind stoves. It is recommended that you keep the product at least 18″ away from any direct flame to prevent scorching the stone.

What is the installed weight? The installed weight will vary depending upon the profile chosen and the mortar, grout technique, lath and lath accessories used. StoneCraft can weigh up to 15 lbs. per square foot.

What type of warranty is offered? StoneCraft comes with a 50-year limited warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defect and integrity of the stone.